Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leacock Prints Floral Wreath

Still finding more images to add to the database link for this
Leacock Prints Floral Wreath vintage tablecloth.

Vintage Vera Neumann

More images found while working on the tablecloth database.

Vintage Vera in purple, lavender and metallic leaves.

Christmas 2008 Pine Cone Tablescape

More pictures I found while continuing work on the tablecloth database.  These are from 2008.

Let Them Eat Strawberries

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch.
Come on over and see all the beautiful tables and a vast array of dinnerware!
It's always just plain yummy!

It's HOT HOT HOT here in Northern California and I'm loving it.
Breakfast and lunch are pleasant on the side patio before the sun comes around.
Dinner is also doable, but must be fashionably late to avoid the late afternoon sun and heat.

This is all about a planned weekend breakfast for six. Waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon
and lots of fresh fruit to choose from.  The strawberries will have to be store bought,
as two of my grandkids were here this weekend and cleaned out the latest crop of
strawberries from my garden. We'll start out with Mimosas and then move on to a
fruit course, followed by traditional breakfast items.

I've mixed in my Portmeirion "Pomona" with imported chargers, plates, flatware and napkins from Home Goods, stemware from Pier 1, candle holders from Tuesday Morning, and the little stoneware vases came from Michaels many years ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week to see my tablescape, I do appreciate it!
I'll soon be back with a tablescape featuring one of the vintage tablecloths from my collection.
Please do stop by the tablecloth database I launched this week.  I'd love to have your input
on the new database, which has links to all the tablescapes previously posted here on
The Little Round Table.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rednesday: In The Garden

I'm bringing some red to the party over at It's A Very Cherry World.
It's Rednesday again, come join in the fun.

Two weeks ago I shared an image of my Monarda with you, so I thought
I'd update you on how it's doing.

This is Pomegranate, the cultivar is 'Wonderful'

Scarlet Trumpet Vine

Happy Rednesday everyone!

This Week In My Garden: Woodpeckers

I'm joining everyone over at A Southern Daydreamer for another episode of Outdoor Wednesday.
Come on over and join the fun in the sun!

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago when my granddaughter was able to capture
a couple of the woodpeckers feasting on the Melianthus major at the back of my garden.

Over the past few weeks the half dozen or so woodpeckers that live in the oak trees at the
back of our property have become very brave and now share the bird feeder along with the
rest of the fowl in the neighborhood.  They flit away if I'm too close, but I was able to capture
these shots through the kitchen window this morning, just before the sun crested the hill to
fill the garden with bright morning light.

Waiting for a turn in the big red bowl.
These woodpeckers are Melanerpes formicivorus - Acorn Woodpecker.
This is a female, easily identified because males do not have the black band
between their white face and red topknot.  

Keeping a sharp lookout.

One last bite.

Taking flight.

Thanks for visiting the garden with me again this week!

Wordless Wednesday: Agave celsii

Join everyone over at Wordless Wednesday for awesome images.

Agave celsii just before sunrise

Tablecloth Database Update

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that more tablecloths have been added to the database in the last few days, so stop by and check out some that you may have missed.  I'm still looking for IDs and other information you may care to share about any or all of these vintage table linens.

A special thanks to fellow collector (and she's a dish lover too!) Marilyn S for several IDs and other little tidbits of info!

You can find a link to the index page of the database at the top of the sidebar here on The Little Round Table or just click below.!


Tablecloth Database

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Acorns At Christmas

Another couple of images I ran across, while working on the tablecloth database.

Acorns at Christmas 2008

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Little Round Table - Tablecloth Database

Yesterday I launched a test version of a database for the tablecloths in my collection.
I will be adding additional images and linking to tablescapes that have been posted
here on The Little Round Table since August of 2009.

I'd love to have you visit the new database and tell me what you think of it and
report errors, typos or additional ID information you might like to share.

You can visit the new database by clicking the link at the top of the sidebar
or follow this link:

I look forward to your comments on the database!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Furniture Feature Friday - The Linen Chest

I'm joining everyone for Furniture Feature Friday over at Mustard Seed Creations
It's all about furniture, so bring one of your favorites over and share!

This antique French chest  was my mother's and she always kept linens in it, which
is probably why I do the same.  It is where all the over size tablecloths and holiday
cloths are stored.  It is very old and a bit rickety, kind of like me.  The drawers are
a little tight or loose depending on the season and the top has a crack in it.
But I do so love this piece with its flaws and its original hardware and even
a few spider webs underneath! I wonder if the webs are vintage?

Thanks for stopping by for Furniture Feature Friday!

Kate Greenaway "Avon" Blue

I ran across these images of a Kate Greenaway Leacock "Avon" with the blue center while
sorting images to put in the new tablecloth database I'm putting together.

The same cloth with a golden yellow center was previously posted.

Stratoware pieces by Eva Zeisel, Post 86 Fiesta in Pearl Grey and Rose, Vintage
Fiesta in Ivory, Vera Wang Crystal and American Directoire sterling.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Psychedelic Butterflies

I'm joining all the other tablescapers over at Between Naps On The Porch
again this week for Susan's wonderful Tablescape Thursday party!

Some of you may remember a tablescape entitled Spring Chickens and Vera's Butterflies ,
which appeared here on The Little Round Table back on February 17. 2010.
At this posting it is the 2nd most popular tablescape (based on the number of visitors
to the post) ever posted here on TLRT. Just FYI the most visited tablescape is my

In case you don't remember the table setting, here's a reminder.

Many vintage tablecloths can be found in several colorways.  In my collection I have several cloths
with examples in up to four different colorways. So when I came across this example of Vera's
Butterflies, it was an easy decision to make and I promptly purchased it.  Needless to say it was a lot more of a challenge to come up with a tablescape with the colors on this second colorway
than with the classic white/blue/green version!

In the book "Vera - The Art and Life of An Icon" by Susan Seid with Jen Renzi, a poster
of this print is shown on page 110.  The graphics for the poster and this tablecloth were
inspired by bold hues she saw in Africa.

So here are Vera's Butterflies on a trip from the 60's - pop your eyes out purple, outrageous
orange and a yellow that could burn your retinas!

Chargers are from Anthropologie, Sunflower Fiesta dinner plates, orange/white salads from Home Goods, Plum Fiesta berry bowls, napkins from Home Goods, napkin rings from Crate and Barrel many years ago, glassware from Target and Oneida's Cityscape flatware. 

Post 86 Fiesta Lilac Juice Pitcher, vintage Homer Laughlin creamer,
vintage Pacific Pottery fruit bowl.

Here the dinnerplate is Fiesta Plum (which is very dark, but I assure you it is NOT black)

The Millennium III Fiesta vase in Sunflower came from a Strawser auction in June of 2000.

Thanks for coming by to see this alternate version of Vera's Butterflies tablecloth!
What would you set this cloth with??
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