Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday is a Rednesday

Oh my! Time is flying!

It is December 1st and it is time for Outdoor Wednesday over at A Southern Daydreamer

If you find the gate closed it probably means I am shopping or in Santa's workshop
preparing for the upcoming holiday. I'm sorry I wasn't available to greet you personally.

Please come back for Met Monday to see this year's Christmas tree and
make sure to visit often for this month's holiday tablescapes.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday and Rednesday!

Glitter Makes Anything Better!

Take ANY ornament and you can make it better with glitter!
This is German galss glitter which just sparkles and sparkles and sparkles!
It pretty much will make your entire house sparkle if you are as messy as I am.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with a can of spray paint, spray adhesive, some glitter and either ornaments you want to refurbish or craft ornaments like these from Michael's.
They were on sale and I think the final cost was about 20cents each.  Spray paint any color, spray with adhesive, sprinkle with glitter, add a new hanging cord, and enjoy their sparkling personalities even when the tree lights are not on. You can also embellish them with findings, buttons, beads or whatever once the glitter is dried.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and make sure to come back for
Met Monday, when I'll be revealing this season's Christmas Tree and have
some additional easy to make ornament tips.

These are sooo easy!  The trick with these is to be able to STOP making them.
Bring an old book, some glitter, and some little embellishments along for Met Monday
and you can put a few together while you read about my 2010 Christmas tree! LOL

Tablecloth Giveaway - We Have A Winner!

A big round of applause and CONGRATULATIONS  to

Donna@Conghaile Cottage

Winner of The Nutcracker Tablecloth!

Donna, please contact me via email with your full name and address so
that I can get your package out to you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Time To Lock Away Fall

Tabletop Tuesday is happening again this week over at Marty's
Come see all the new table tops!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on The Little Round Table blog,
but in real life we will be enjoying the last Fall tablescape with tonight's meal.
The chaos of bins around my house will be relieved a bit as all the Fall things
are packed away until next year.  It has finally turned into Fall here in California,
with frost on the ground this morning and leaves blowing in the wind.

This vintage tablecloth is topped with Seamist and Chocolate Post 86 Fiesta and Red and
Yellow Vintage Fiesta.  The candle holders are Metlox "Spiral".  The roses are still going
strong in my garden and perfectly compliment this color combination.  Napkins from Home
Goods and the spiral rope twist flatware mimics the candle holders.  Vintage green
Depression Glass and tumblers from Pfaltzgraff.

Oh so pretty mum from my local Safeway.

Roses from my garden include: 'St. Patick', 'Graham Thomas', 'Granada', 'Octoberfest', 'Brass Band', 'Apricot Nectar', and 'Tequila La Sevillana'.

Vintage Red Fiesta pieces include creamer, sugar, and small platter.

Vintage Yellow Fiesta Syrup Pitcher sitting on a vintage Kraft Foods promotional leaf plate.

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week.
The first Christmas tablescape will be posted this year for Tablescape Thursday in a couple of days,
I hope to see you for that one!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Chaos

I'm joining Sally for her weekly Blue Monday party over at Smiling Sally,
please stop by to see all the BLUE sightings this week.

Christmas Chaos has hit my house big time!
Just a spot of blue in a sea of ornaments and way too many projects in the works.

This bit of blue was spotted among the projects scattered upon The Little Round Table.

Look quickly because the blue and fuschia and red and pink will all disappear shortly.
I am playing with paint again.  This time it is Chrome paint and is involved in the making
of my Christmas tree this year.  Stop back next week for Metamorphosis Monday to check it out.

And be sure to enter your name into the TABLECLOTH GIVEAWAY here on
The Little Round Table.  Entries must be submitted by midnight Pacific time Monday
November 29th!

Inspiration From Christmas Past

I'm joining Mosaic Monday hosted each week by Mary from Little Red House,
be sure to stop by and see all the beautiful mosaics posted by other bloggers.

I'm sharing my new header drawn from tablescapes from December 2009.  Inspiration for this
season's holiday tablescapes and as always my header will change a couple times each week
with newly posted tablescapes being added to the header.

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week.  The last Fall tablescape will be posted
for Tabletop Tuesday tomorrow and then this week's Tablescape Thursday will kick off the
2010 Holiday Tablescapes.

Be sure to enter the TABLECLOTH GIVEAWAY here on The Little Round Table.
Entries must be submitted by midnight November 29th at midnight Pacific time.

Felt Flatware Pockets

stop by to visit Susan and all her other guests.

It's Whatever Goes Wednesday over at Someday Crafts

I saw these cute little stocking flatware pockets on the internet a couple weeks ago.
Priced anywhere from $6 - $10 each or $81 for a dozen ...... hmmm .....I could make those.

For protected images use your "Print Screen" feature and import to your photo software.
I sized the image from Amazon to make a pattern, then printed it onto regular copy paper.
Can you tell I need a new color cartridge?

I had some leftover 12" squares of stiff glitter felt and some other felt scraps, a pair of
scissors, a needle and thread.  Some time spent whipping the edges while watching Law & Order UK .... if you are a Law & Order fan, this is a must see new series from BBC!

Thanks for stopping by for this mini-Met Monday!
These flatware pockets will be appearing in a tablescape sometime during December,
so please stop back often.

Before you leave today be sure to enter your name in the TABLECLOTH GIVEAWAY
here on The Little Round Table.  It ends Monday November 29th at midnight Pacific time.

La Fiesta - that little store full of miniatures ....

So many of you emailed or commented on some of my miniatures from my

What is there about miniatures that is so intriguing?

First off let me clarify that NONE of the miniatures were made by the Homer Laughlin China Company.
About 15 years ago there was a mom and pop business in Arizona that sold these little "Fiesta-like" miniatures at dollhouse shows, on eBay and through their online shop.  Soon enough the
"Fiesta Police" (aka the lawyers for the Homer Laughlin China Company) went after mom and
pop for patent/trademark infringement. If a company doesn't enforce their rights legally,
over time the power over their own products is diluted, so HLC is generally fairly forceful in the enforcement arena.  They've gone after little guys (like the website I used to run) and the big
guys like Target for selling made in China Fiesta-look-a-likes.

Anyway, the mom and pop operation reworded their ads to Colorful Dinnerware or some such thing. I don't know the details, but their operation was eventually sold and then the website faded away too.

You can still find some of the pieces I have on the internet, by searching dollhouse websites and on eBay also.  The one exception is the "Tom and Jerry" footed salad in miniature.  I got it on eBay, but the seller knew nothing about its origin or who made it.  It is a true treasure!

In the Winter of 2002 through Spring of 2003 I used a kit to build a little set of "dream"
stores in advance of my home being on a Spring Home Tour.  The little shopping center had
a conservatory for all things "garden" that I love, a European antique store, a cookware store mostly filled with "vintage" mixing bowls, and "La Fiesta" with miniature colorware
reminiscent of my Fiesta collection. The scale is 1:12

The shopping center replaced an 1850 pharmacy display case from Pennsylvania that originally housed my miniatures. I apologize for the poor quality of some of these images ..... digital cameras have come a long way since these were taken.
Construction began in the winter.
By Spring when the cherry trees were in bloom it was coming together.
Tile pavers going down, the conservatory was already open for busines!
The shops were already filling up as construcion continued.
More pavers going in to the left, while to the right the pavers have been installed and waxed to give them a more realistic look.
The interior courtyard in the Spring.

Christmas at the shops.
Pots 'n Pans Shop
Christmas lights installed.
Ivy Pine Antiques
La Fiesta
Since we moved to this house 4 years ago, the display has remained in its shipping crates, except for La Fiesta.  Recently I unpacked some of the store inventories and they appeared in a post
for a Cloche Party
Thanks so much for dropping by to read more about some of my miniatures!.

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