Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's Do Lunch!

Fitz and Floyd called this line "Moon Flower", but they sure look a lot more like an Anemone, which is also called a Japanese Wind Flower.  Paired with a vintage tablecloth made by P and S Creations, Shamrock and White Post 86 Fiesta, and Made in China chargers. The sterling is American Directoire, the crystal is "Infinity" by Vera Wang.

The flowers are the Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cobalt Blue Plate Special

Vintage California Hand Prints paired with Post 86 Fiesta in Cobalt, Chartreuse, Juniper, Lilac, and White. Shawnee Donkeys. Vintage glassware and pitcher, Dansk flatware.
That's Cyperus papyrus - Papyrus, Salvia uliginosa - Bog Sage, and silk Larkspur in the vase.
Fresh apples carved out for tealight candles.

Hawaiian Daisy

Vintage tablecloth shown with Vintage Fiesta with the Hawaiian Daisy decal, Vintage Fiesta fruit bowls, Harlequin pitchers, Metlox candleholders, Deauville flatware, glassware from Home Goods, napkin rings from Bed Bath Beyond, and the open-work chargers are Made in China.  Silk flowers this time around because most of my roses have been fried by extreme temps this last week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chocolate and Pink Geometric

This is a vintage cloth of unknown origin paired with Post 86 Fiesta in Rose, White and Chocolate and various items of vintage HLC ware. Post 86 Rose Anniversary Set from Filene's in rear, Kenilworth bowl top right.

Friday, August 28, 2009

HLC's Kenilworth Poker Chips & Turquoise Bows

Here's a FRIDAY EXTRA for vintage lovers, originally published in The Dish this past Spring.  The Dish is a quarterly publication from the non-profit Homer Laughlin Collectors Association 

This tablescape features HLC's Kenilworth shape decorated with Casino Chips glazed in Epicure White (aka Kenilworth White).  Sunflower and Turquoise Post 86 Fiesta, Cityscape flatware, napkins from Pier 1 and a vintage Startex tablecloth.

Kenilworth was a buffet line with limited items and came in plain colors like Pink, Turquoise, Charcoal, Yellow (limited), and white. Here's another example of Kenilworth in Turquoise and White with metal embellishments.

The Original Six Plus Spinach Salad

That should really read "The Original Four Plus Spinach Salad", since I only used Cobalt, Light Green, Yellow and Red. Perfect weather here in Northern California for a light dinner and some beautiful dishes.

Our spinach salad consists of baby spinach with an old fashioned bacon/balsamic vinegar/fresh lemon juice/garlic dressing. Bacon bits, freshly grated parmesan cheese, and sliced hard boiled eggs are added before the salad is dressed. Additional toppings like diced onions, pine nuts, and chopped peppers, plus extra dressing is served on the relish tray in the center of the table.  Add a wine spritzer and some sour dough bread and I'm in heaven.

The Dishes: Vintage chop plates used as chargers, dinner plates, and Tricolator bowls are the perfect size for the salad. The large chop plate holds a Manhattan Relish Tray for additional toppings for the salad. Oil and vinegar from the vintage Pyrex containers. Salt & Pepper and mustard served from the Royal Chrome Condiment Set. The little votives are in vintage glasses that match the glasses used in the vintage Fiesta Ensemble sets. Glassware from Home Goods, napkins from Bed Bath Beyond and the cute napkin rings came from eBay.

The little Made in Japan wall pocket holds Lantana, Salvia, Verbena, and Geraniums from my garden.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fisherman's Catch

I woke up feeling like a crab a crab for dinner that is!!

This contemporary screen print fabric is "Fisherman's Catch" by Dan Morris for ROBERT KAUFMAN.  Post 86 Fiesta in Cobalt, White and Cinnabar, with Fiestaware 2000 mugs in Cobalt.  Flatware is Dansk, glassware from Home Goods, napkin rings from Bed Bath Beyond and the sea shells were from the beach.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HLC Nautilus Early America

This set of Early America came complete except for the cream and sugar which friends found for me a few months after I found the set. I have it paired with vintage Red Stripe Fiesta, George and Martha from the '39 World's Fair, and glassware from a vintage Fiesta Ensemble set. There are also some early HLC stoneware and OvenServe pieces pictured.

The cloth is made from red plaid pantry cloth, napkins from novelty old map fabric, flatware is Dansk.

Pomegranates in September '08

Here's a favorite tablecloth with pomegranates from my garden last Fall. Shamrock and Yellow Post 86 Fiesta, with Cityscape flatware and contemporary glassware, napkins, and napkin rings from Home Goods.


Punica granatum
Pomegranate, Granate Apple
'Wonderful' is the cultivar
Immature fruit in late Spring and early Summer, below.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lemons and Palms Part 2

Here's a different slant on yesterday's tablecloth, showing off the palm trees.  Post86 Fiesta Scarlet dinner plates, Sunflower rimmed soups, Turquoise small bowls, Scarlet Post86 Betty Bowl, Bauer pedestal cake plate, Cityscape flatware, vintage "Siesta Man" wall pockets, contemporary glassware, napkin rings and napkins from Home Goods and Bed Bath Beyond.

The greens are Crassula phyturus and the flower stems are Echeveria 'Cameo'.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lemons and Palms Part 1

This vintage tablecloth has a lot going on and depending on how it is set, can give completely different looks.  Fiestaware 2000 Juniper dinner plates, Fiesta White luncheon plates, Fiesta Sunflower medium bowl (6 7/8") Post 86 Sunflower vase, Bauer yellow compote, vintage green glassware, Cityscape flatware, contemporary napkins from Bed Bath Beyond.

Another look for this cloth coming in Lemons and Palms Part 2
The Black-Eyed Susans are Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm'.

August 27th - I'm adding an image of just the vintage cloth alone, for the tablecloth lovers.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roses and Pears

The roses are 'Cocktail', the tablecloth is vintage Startex.
The dinnerware is Post86 Fiesta in Sunflower, Lemongrass and Shamrock.
Also shown is a Bauer footed cake stand and some Portmeirion Pomona.
The flatware is rosewood handled Dansk.
The green acrylic chargers are by Arita.
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