Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sapphire and Garden Plates

Welcome to another Sunday Favorites hosed by Chari over at Happy To Design.

And because I spent the last three days with my two youngest grandkids, who are
8 and 5, I am reposting this mosaic and blue tablescape for the Mondays, since I've
been a little busy!
Mosaic Monday
Blue Monday

This tablescape was originally posted in November of 2009

This tablescape incorporates a vintage tablecloth, Post 86 Fiesta in Sapphire, some lovely green garden salad plates and depression glassware also in green.  American Directoire sterling, Metlox candle holders, napkin rings from Bed Bath Beyond, napkins from Tuesday Morning.

The Fiesta Carafe below was part of a special auction for the East Liverpool High School
Alumni Auction held each year.

Thanks for stopping by for another Sunday Favorites, Blue Monday
and Mosaic Monday.


  1. Ooooo, I love everything about this table setting. Love the colors (green being my fav) and absolutely adore those candlestick holders, how divine!

  2. Really pretty, I love those green plates!

  3. Candy, I think the sapphire is my favorite color of Fiesta Ware. Beautiful table. Hope you'll stop in to see me over at the QCI blog where I'm sharing a tea party for Sunday Favorites.
    ~ Sarah

  4. Stunning! I love the blue & green combo. Wish I owned that green depression glassware. Do you know what pattern that is, by chance? I should dig out my resource books.
    - Susan

  5. I don't know how you would choose a favorite post because every time I see your posts, I am so enchanted by all your Fiesta and beautiful vintage tableclothes. This blue and green combination is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  6. One of my favorite tablescapes! The Sapphire is lovely and may be next colo to collect! Also, where, may I ask did ou get those gorgeous green gaden plates? I love them.

  7. I can't believe how perfectly the shades/colours of dishes/accessories you've chosen go with that beautiful tablecloth! It is like they were all a "set". A very pretty tablescape!


  8. Hi Candy...

    Ohhh...I love this table, my friend! I really do love a green and blue color combination! Beatufiul table linens and I love the pretty salad plates! Gorgeosus! Have fun with your grandkids, my friend! I bet you are busy! Hehe! Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites again this week!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. I do believe these are my favorite colors ... blue and green. The mosaics sure brought a smile to my face!

  10. It's gorgeous, I just love the blues and greens!

  11. The greens and blues are just wonderful...always enjoy seeing your pretty tablescapes.

  12. Lovely it all!

  13. What a beautiful arrangement - and a gorgeous tablecloth.

  14. Beautiful table! Fiesta Ware has such unique colors.

    Love Chopin, too... have my own personal pianist (DD) who plays for me. ;-) Happy Blue Monday... Karen

    Oh, my... now it's "A Summer Place." Lovely!

  15. I love your blue collection.


    My Blue Monday.

  16. I love yoru Fiesta tablescape, very pretty. Happy Blue Monday!

  17. Any meal would taste delicious served on this table.

    Happy Blue Monday, Candy! Check out my book giveaway.

  18. Bright and Beautiful! Well worth reposting.

  19. So glad you all enjoyed revisiting this oldie but goodie!!

    Sarsparilla - Let me go grab a link from another post where a reader ID'd these for me ..... Optic something....

    Here's the info on the green depression glass:

    Susan - one set of those green/white garden plates came from Tuesday Morning and then several MONTHS later I found another set of 4 at Home Goods. I just love them!

    Again, thanks so much for coming by and for your lovely comments.


  20. I just loved all your beautiful photo's. Everyone's posts are so different. Happy Blue Monday.

  21. Beautiful, love that sapphire fiesta..Have a great week!

  22. Thanks ladies, I do appreciate you stopping by.
    Come by again soon!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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