Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back Issues: The Little Round Table February 2010

And another Blue Monday at Smiling Sally has rolled around .....
How can it be the THIRD month of the year already??

Here's the February 2010 review of tablescapes here on
The Little Round Table and there are some BLUE ones here. :-)

The numbers jump around over time as readers old and new visit older
posts, but as of right now the top three tablescapes for February are:

You can still visit all these tablescapes if you missed any of them:


  1. The red/black/green one is my favorite. Truly a lovely assortment of tablescapes. I love your hobby, and your artistic ability. Holly

  2. I'm having a very hard time choosing. I guess one of the reasons I love tablescaping is that you don't have to. It's not like decorating a room that once you do it, that's it - at least for awhile. You can change a table every day (or more if you so desire).

    I truly enjoy your tables and collections.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Beautiful tablescapes! Hard to pick a favorite...Christine

  4. I have never seen so m any lovely tablecloths in one showing. I could not pick just one. They all are super pretty.

  5. I love the blue and green one. So fresh and unusual.

    Becky K.

  6. You're so talented, Candy. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. Candy, You have absolutely gorgeous tablescapes. I really like the one with the red and white striped plates, green reminds me of Christmas. Have a great week!
    Blessings - Beth

  8. You have a way with combining colors. Great jobs.

  9. Beautiful tablescapes! I tried to pick a favorite but I really can't as I do like all of them! I do always wonder where do you all store all those dishes???

  10. Thank you all for such wonderful comments, I do appreciate it! It is hard to go wrong with such beautiful vintage cloths .... and with Fiesta the combos are easy to come up with. How can you go wrong with such great colors!

    Debbie - Funny you should ask about storage! LOL
    I have been posting a series for Show and Tell Friday that answers that very question!

    Thanks again and come by again anytime,

  11. They're all very beautiful - I especially like the Pink and Black one - Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Pretty table settings! Happy Blue Monday!

  13. They're all lovely. The blue and green is my favorite. Happy Blue Monday.

    Mine is here.

  14. Great Table settings!
    Happy Blue Monday !

  15. Love all the table settings. What a treat for the eyes!! Happy Blue Monday!!

  16. Great table settings here! You have such an amazing "eye" for these things :) I love the ones with the pinks and browns. Very chic. And also the nice "clash" of the red and teal.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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