Wednesday, January 12, 2022

On the Road again...

The Little Round Table has been closed for business since my Mom passed in October of 2014, but her dishes and tablecloths and Fiesta ephemera are finally moving on to their next big adventure. 

Strawser's Auctions sent Ron to pack everything, and the load is now en route to Strawser's in Indiana for an auction in November of 2022.

She hasn't posted since she passed in October of 2014, but her beautiful tablescapes are all over the internet for everyone to enjoy, and her blogs (this one, Tablecloths from TLRT and Vintage Fiesta) still serve as both an exhaustive reference and pure eye candy for all the things that my Mom loved. 

We are excited to imagine all the places her beloved dishes will end up - especially the rare pieces that she cherished such as the red 10 1/2" prototype divided plate, the Fiesta cake plate (perfectly flat bottom!) in light green, the cobalt casserole (with a lid!), the Raspberry Presentation Bowl, the NOP lilac carafe, all of the unusual and NOP blues, and, and,'s hard to know when the favorite list ends because she loved it all!

My Mom loved having a project, especially one filled with lots of fun and esoteric details and surprises around every corner. Building her dream home, raising rare succulents, creating Christmas (and Halloween!) Gingerbread houses, staying up to watch her Epiphyllum oxypetalum push out its annual bloom in the dark of night, or being a dish guru - she welcomed them all with the enthusiasm and obsessiveness that was her trademark. 

I am grateful to her for leaving us with the project of being the caretakers of her vast collection of "all things Homer Laughlin and more". It has kept me busy and engaged with her blog and her legacy as I learned some of the lingo, got to touch and appreciate all of the things that she loved so much, and got see them off on their road trip today. 

We hope that wherever her pieces land, the new owners will cherish them all as much as she did. 


  1. Oh, the memories....I loved her blog and all the exciting colors ! She is missed and glad to know her treasures are going to new homes. Thank you for posting.....

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